Mastering the Edging Technique

Edging is a powerful sexual exercise which helps to control orgasm. Through Edging you can learn how to delay ejaculation and produce more cum and pre-cum. For starters, pre-cum is the “wetness” a man gets from sexual stimulation. It is a colorless clear fluid produced in the Cowper’s gland which helps to cleanse the Urethra and makes the flow of sperm cells to be easier.

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* What is Pre-cum?

“What is pre-cum?” and “What does pre-cum do” are both common queries for people of all levels of sexual experience. Whether you are new to sex or you’ve been getting it on for years, pre-cum may still be a mystery.

Pre-cum is the male equivalent to a woman’s vagina getting wet upon arousal. When things start getting steamy in the bedroom, a man may notice a clear liquid leaking from the tip of his penis. Once again like a woman getting wet when aroused, the purpose is lubrication, though of a slightly different sort. Pre-cum serves to lubricate the inside of the urethra as well as make it less acidic, giving sperm cells the best chance possible of making it out alive.

How is Edging Carried Out?

Edging involves deliberately delaying ejaculation in order to build up more sexual stimulation. Although edging can be done during sexual intercourse with a partner, but unless you have mastered the technique it is easier to do it during masturbation. Masturbating to quality and interesting adult videos especially teasing ones, not the direct intercourse adapted ones like those on or Twerk.TV can also help to maintain the “hardness” of the penis for the duration of the Edging technique.

The best edging sessions takes about twenty minutes, so with good porn videos you can have maximum fun with yourself and enjoy intense sensations throughout your entire body.

Here is a step-by-step guide for Edging:

1. Get a Lubricant

Use a lubricant that won’t dry too quickly. Use lubricants specifically designed for penis exercising.

2. Start Stimulation

Lubricate the penis and gently stroke its base, then move up slowly towards the head. The head and the frenulum are very sensitive, so concentrate more on the lower parts.

3. Stop When You Feel an Intense Urge to Cum

Keep stimulating the penis as you slowly stroke the base and move up towards the head. If you feel the urge to cum, slowly move the strokes back down towards the base. But when the urge to cum becomes more intense, completely stop all sexual stimulation and wait till the urge to subsides.

4. Repeat this Process Until you want to Orgasm

This process should be repeated over and over again until you master the “Edging Technique”. You may accidentally cum at first but as you practice more often you’ll learn more about your body and your penis.


Edging is a great exercise that can be performed during masturbation or sexual intercourse with a partner. It involves bringing yourself to the point of ejaculation and then pausing to allow the urge to subside before restarting. This technique can help to increase the quantity of cum and pre-cum, as well as help in treatment of erectile dysfunction due to its ability to increase blood flow to the penis.

* Many people may wonder can pre-cum cause pregnancy, and the answer is no. Pre-cum is an entirely different fluid from semen and contains no sperm cells. Still, if pregnancy is something you’d rather avoid, using a condom is always advised.

Pre-cum may be a mysterious occurrence, but it certainly doesn’t have to be. It’s cause and purpose are both as simple as it gets. Best of all, pre-cum is a telltale sign of arousal and enjoyment in a man. If you are a woman, pre-cum means that you are pressing all the right buttons with your partner. If you are a man, pre-cum means the night’s entertainment is going to be incredibly enjoyable for you.

A Simple Sign of Arousal

Pre-cum is a sign of arousal and an aid to sperm cells—nothing more, nothing less. Now that you know all there is to know about this mysterious fluid, go out and enjoy a safe and satisfying sex life!

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